Mags Garden Tags

We are very pleased to announce our sole dealership with Kincaid Plant Markers from USA,  This wonderful method of labeling your treasures in your garden or nursery will never let you down.  Renowned for their durance due to the fact that they are made from 100% stainless steel.
The Plant Markers features are -
· 100% stainless steel plates (resist rust)
· 100% stainless steel post (resist rust)
· Approximately 2mm diameter posts
·  Highly resistant to rust, oxidation and corrosion
· Plates won’t fall off
· Plates have rounded corners
· Designed for superior longevity in the garden
· A selection of heights are available
· Plate positioned at convenient viewing angle

Available in 4 different height ranges -

2A-10 this is 25.5cm in height
2A-12          30.5cm in height
2A-15          38cm     in height
2A-20          51cm     in height
2AL are replacement plates

A pricelist will be provided on request.

A label printing service is available on request.